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Interactive event design

Interactive event design and facilitation – conferences, workshops, away days – often for international groups and virtual teams

  • A highly collaborative functional team event created an environment in which participants felt able to explore and resolve highly sensitive issues in a fast-moving business environment in which a number of them were at risk
  • Facilitation of a series of global virtual workshops enabled a multi-disciplinary cross-border project team to develop and showcase new collaboration tools through involving colleagues in trialling new approaches for their operational roles
  • A team development programme used a series of workshops to initiate more outward looking learning and sharing behaviours that helped the team to introduce networking, benchmarking and study of best practice into their day to day working
  • The introduction and design of interactive techniques for high risk large-scale events has helped many global clients to generate great ownership and engagement for complex change programmes

“Have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, you offer great insights and are superb at helping us identify our own insights through good questioning. You challenge appropriately and have really helped my team develop better self-awareness and areas to further improve our skills.”  Head of Internal Communication, international travel.